This Postcard is a Piece of Cake

I love to receive mail. Any mail, besides bills that is, is wonderful, but the prettier the envelope or package is, the more excited I will be.

So when I came across cake postcards on Pinterest I knew I had to make them.  I’m not the most talented or creative person, but after a trip to my local hardware store (and a few false starts) I finished the absolutely delicious-looking creation below.


Yes, that is a postcard, not a real piece of cake.  Not only will you bring surprise and joy to the lucky recipient of this creation, but to the postal workers who have the pleasure of mailing it out. “You MADE this?” they shall ask in disbelief.

cake 2


The only drawback is that they do take a while to make; I think I even spread it out over the course of several days. So far only my boyfriend, mom, and sisters have been lucky enough to receive them. This year, who knows?

The choices are endless too. Like chocolate cake? Buy brown spray paint. Strawberry or vanilla more your taste? Pink and white. I find the chocolate to be the most realistic (although maybe that’s just a personal preference) but all are fool-proof.

Sorry I don’t have step-by-step photos of my experience. I made them in a fit of excitement and forgot to document it.  But, I still have a few pieces (get it?) of advise I can offer. 

1. Cut thick slices. If you make them too thin they just won’t look right.  

2. Buy extra sponges. See above. Also, cutting the sponge in half may take a few practice rounds, as I found out. 

3. Practice frosting on the sponges you mess up on.

Unfortunately I didn’t calculate the cost of making this postcard for scratch but I can tell you it wasn’t much. If you think your cake pieces will be a miserable failure, or don’t have the time to make them, Etsy sells them for around $15.

But c’mon, wouldn’t it be much more impressive to make it yourself?